Quality is not an option.
Quality is not an option.

Don’t forget to remember you forgot…

From a post made on Facebook in November of 2018. I want to have a copy here so I can share it with people who are not a part of that circle.

And speaking of circles…

I have a Nespresso machine and a little cup I use with it. I use the cup several times a day, so I’m in the habit of just rinsing it out and wiping it dry with a paper towel between uses. About an hour ago, I noticed I needed to clean out the cup, but the paper towel holder was empty.

I keep paper towels in a cupboard beside a stack of paper bags from the grocery I use for recycling. I noticed that the stack of paper bags was quite high. I have a co-worker who takes some pleasure in getting large bundles of paper bags for her household recycling needs (she plans to have 50 people over for Thanksgiving–and that’s just a normal thing for her–so I can see where she’s coming from on that front). I stopped and stacked a few dozen paper bags inside another paper bag in order to take them to the office.

After all this, I decided I’d like an espresso.

I figured I’d set out another doubled paper bag for my own recycling and I saw that the newspaper stack was pretty high and there were already a couple of bags of stuff waiting to be put outside. I took a minute to load up all of the newspapers into a doubled paper bag and carried those as well as the other recycling out to the garage.

I made another doubled paper bag and set it out for recycling when I noticed a piece of plastic under the side table where I keep the recycling bag. I got down to get the piece of plastic and saw a large amount of Isabella’s fur under the side table. I tossed the plastic into the paper bag and got the Dyson cordless vacuum out of its station to suck up the dog fur. I figured I might as well check under the other side table while I had the vacuum out, and saw that I had left a couple of my hats on the side table after I finished vacuuming.

I put the Dyson back in its charging station and grabbed the hats to take up to my bedroom/office. I have a little drawer full of winter accessories and I put the hats in their proper place, and I noticed that my favorite winter hat wasn’t in the drawer. I looked around the bedroom/office and I couldn’t see it. I checked the pockets of the winter jackets I’ve gotten out so far this season and no luck. I went to the jackets hanging by the garage door, and not there, either.

I looked in the Green Room (so named because of the previous homeowner’s apparent interest in green carpeting) and found it on a shelf by my heated electric gloves. I noticed that the batteries were still in the gloves (normally I take them out and put them on the recharger after I ride my bike in the winter so they’re ready for the next ride). I took the batteries up to the charger and plugged them in. Usually, I set a timer on my phone after I plug them in so that I take them off the charger in about 4 hours.

I went to my easy chair (where I keep my phone charger), but the phone wasn’t there. I spent about five minutes looking for my phone and finally asked my Google Home to find it. It has this neat feature that will make your phone ring if it is within Wifi range. I found the phone.

As I was going to set the timer, I noticed a text message from American Express about a charge on my card. I had placed an order from Amazon so I expected the message, but the amount seemed off. I went back to my office and logged into Amazon and saw that the order was across multiple vendors and the charge was only for part of the order.

After all this, I decided I’d like an espresso. I went to the kitchen and found that my espresso cup was dirty. I rinsed it out and reached for a paper towel to dry it off, only to realize that the paper towel holder was empty.