The number of words project – Four (4)

The brothers Ingvar are known for their eclectic designs and eccentric concept pieces. The four Norwegians are always seen together, taking a strange pleasure in the fact that there isn’t a single photograph of them in any gallery, magazine, or newspaper where they are pictured separately. This homogeneous identity even extends to the body of their work. It is never known which brother influences which piece.

Was it Tor’s inspiration to create a set of living room furniture out of Spam cans? Was it Edvard’s influence that led to the design of the Plexiglas mini-van? Perhaps Sven is the mastermind behind the skyscraper furnished entirely with bean bag chairs and beaded curtains? Or maybe Max is the genius behind all of the designs? No one really knows.

And now, with their latest creation, a massive a-frame shaped timepiece made entirely out of wax lips, no one will ultimately care. These brothers have cemented their place in history with this latest effort, and they will always be known as the four Norsemen of the, uh… clock of lips.

NOTE: This post originally ran on on December 12th, 2007. When “fell over” it was believed to have been lost forever, but a recent reach into the dryer for a missing sock uncovered another copy, which I now share with you.