The man who loved words

He sat with his fingers hovering over the keyboard staring at the blinking cursor on his screen. In a sudden flurry of clicks, he typed.

The infelicitous syzygy: A concupiscent defenestration of sesquipedalian grandiloquence and rampant communicative disintermediation eclipsing decorous linguistic interrelation.

He stared at the screen for a few moments. Eventually, he backspaced over the sentence and, sighing, typed again.

Twitter. Leading our language down darkened tweets.

“It’s not like anyone is reading it anyway,” he said to himself as he went to the kitchen to find a clean glass.

“I wonder if is taken?”

NOTE: This was originally posted on on July 15, 2009. When the great purge of 2013 took place, it was thought to be lost forever. It was recovered unexpectedly when the author searched for “” (apparently having forgotten that this had already occurred to him once before), and a cached version of the page was found.